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Fil and Needle is a Los Angeles based, apparel manufacturing company founded by Cyrus Nazari, and specifically created to service the evolving needs of the clothing industry, while striving to honor job creation within the U.S.A.
We cater to various demands within the clothing industry by supplying full-scale production to retailers who produce their own brands, manufacturers who require their own unique styles, and individual start-up designers.

Fil and Needle has a diverse and highly skilled, locally based team of professionals. We do not have minimums and provide service to small and large companies alike to create a high quality product. By visiting our studio you can find various categories of clothing from tailored jackets, pants and dresses; to casual linens, jersey garments, swimsuits, yoga apparel and accessories.

Our mission is exceptional service delivery to set our clients, both established and emerging, ahead in all facets of the fashion industry.

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About Fil and Needle